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Re: The End

Thanks josh, for letting me lurk here during the rather open development. I was always in awe of the project and I really enjoyed the information you offered.
Don't be so hard to yourself; Look at how many people you've impressed and inspired!
Most people cannot say this for themselves.

Re: Fallout 4

The master words often have similar syllables like "suffer ing ". So if you choose this, and it does not have 3 matches, you can exclude a lot of other words that ends with I-N-G. If you are only left with one try, start looking for the brackets. You can also use the protocol on the right side of th...

Re: Naval Review

From what I know the ship concept as a whole, and therefore the user costumization is not set in stone. Others do maybe know more about this. It is hard for me to really step into the role of a "real" ship designer/engineer and comprehend all the aspects that involve creating different ship classes,...

Re: Naval Review

I really don't care if LT will have titans or not. It's up to JP or the modders. It is just that if you have a "fun" talk about the composition of a fleet or the various ship classes, I don't see a reason why titans should be excluded. Yeah they are excessive, but it is still a valid game theoretica...

Re: Naval Review

All of these are pretty bad arguments for implementing something special for titans. I wasn't really arguing, it was more an explanation why I asked, what you guys think about a titan class ship. I'm no expert, but I could imagine that these really huge ships would only built once or twice in a fle...

Re: Naval Review

I asked because I've just read something about mass effects turian dreadnought class and they mentioned the titan class, an even bigger ship, built to defend against the reapers. (10-15km long) When you look at the eve online universe, they also use titans as the biggest ships. (after dreadnoughts) ...

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