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Re: Dev Logs - great stuff!

Completely agree, they put other Kickstarters to shame and make me prou to have backed the project. I really don't know why @Josh doesn't put the weekly summaries up onto the Kickstarter page. He could do a quick copy and paste job and would make the Kickstarter page look far more impressive for the...

Re: Is this the right room for a jump gate?

I love the idea of Jump-Gates and beacons, however instead of using two jumpgates for any jump, I would like to suggest another approach. A player with a Jump Drive enabled ship would be able to jump towards any location at a far increased speed, however coming out of the faster speed state would be...

Question - How do you procedurally generate dust in games

Hey stupid question,

How do you procedurally generate dust in games in an efficient manner, in a resource efficient way.

I'm currently developing for 2D, in Lua using Corona, but any example or links would be great to point me in the right type of technology.



Re: Death

Surely you can identify that people that want to reload upon a bad thing happening can just reload on modes that allow it. In my mind however, all games that allow this mechanic are automatically made really really easy, as you can repeat a sequence almost frame by frame to complete a task. Personal...

Re: Death

I massively agree with you with the concept that the destruction of your ship should not cause a game over screen, however game over is necessary as without failure you don't appreciate the value of success. Kinda want to send Josh a copy of Dark Souls to reitterate this point, without failure, (in ...

Re: Death

Personally I'd love to have the Eve Online mechanic for death be part of one of the difficulty levels. For those who don't know when your ship dies in Eve you get kicked out of your ship in an escape pod. This can then be navigated back to a nearby station where you can begin amassing fortune / ship...


Please ignore this thread... apparently Limit Theory is not yet notable enough to have it's own Wikipedia page.

This would have increased the amount of search engines indexing to the site and thus increased the webpages visibility.

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