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Timer Josh used for software usage tracking?

Hey all!

I remember reading a post made way back where Josh mentioned a productivity tool he used which tracks how much time is spent using which programs. I'm trying to recall what that program was, but I can't find the post. Does anyone remember where it is or what the software tool was?

Ware Transaction Distance?

The options are what I think are within a sensible range, devided into four possibilities. Because LT seems to emphasise gameplay elements being represented by physical objects, I added question marked physical means of transportation to each possibility, to give an idea. However, the vote is about ...

Re: LT update anticipation thread

The video updates are always highly anticipated, but skipping one is perfectly ok! Josh, your progress reporting is the most extensive I've ever seen. It even blows that of many large development groups out of the water. Seeing as this month you went on vacation for two weeks and had a short bout of...

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