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Re: Isometric / Top down 'traditional' RPGs

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Sun Jul 19, 2020 11:54 am
Black--Snow wrote:
Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:35 am
Counter productively, I have a really hard time playing games older than about 2008 or so, even that can be a stretch.
yeah, Crysis is so hard to look at
Were Crysis a top down / Isometric RPG, it probably would be. :V

Re: The End

I haven't been on it a while but I thought I would drop in and see if something interesting had happened since I logged in last. I think restarting the game by the community is a great idea. I'm not a programmer so I couldn't contribute to the effort. I missed the kickstarter by three weeks or I wo...

Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

Stats:    Energy: 0    Durability: 0    Maneuverability: 2 (+1)    Hacking: -2    Computer: 0    PSI Unit: 0    Robotics: -1    Engines: 1 Skills:    Charisma: -2    Intuition: 1    Handiwork: 0    Conventional: -1    Unconventional: 2 (+1)    Exotics: 0    General Knowledge: 0    Auxiliary: 0

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

I've taken some CS courses, but I'm no longer a CS major, I'm a physics major..... :ghost: My coding experience lately tends to be just basic scripting stuff for personal projects using Python and Lua (and HTML/CSS if that's applicable here). Why study the real world when you can just make a fake o...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

Who's allowed to join the discord? I'm interested to see what's going on and to figure out if I'll be able to contribute at all, but it's intimidating enough that I worry I won't be able to. :ghost: You do some kind of CS course, right? If I can contribute, I would certainly assume you would be abl...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

Okay, I'll bite. How would you compare and contrast the two efforts and can they benefit from each other? Nar and I are mostly working on them for our own knowledge of Godot, but they have applications within the wider LT project. Our prototypes differ in that he is attempting to keep the cursor (d...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

*Classic flatfingers in depth discussion here* Honestly, I think the focus on the core feature being 'warp rails' is misaligned. Intrasystem travel *is* a core feature, as I'm sure everyone can agree. Moving within the system is an integral part of the game. A warp rail system is just the methodolo...

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