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Re: The End

Same here. Looks like their homepage still is very much "coming soon". Also interesting: lists them as Reno-based while their manager is sitting in Florida (well maybe that's cool because there is not much to manage atm). We'll see how this ends (everyone here has proven to posess som...

Re: Source Code

cuisinart8 wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:27 am
From what I've heard, he's juggling a job plus attempting to de-spaghettify the code so that it's comprehensible to people not named Josh Parnell. No ETA that I know of, unfortunately.
So easy fix is find another Josh Parnell to read it?

Re: The End

Yea, I'd be interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack as a consolation prize! :) Maybe Josh intends using the soundtrack in some other, as yet, unannounced project, Tycow. ;) Pure speculation on my part. :angel: I'm sure you know how unlikely that is. :/ I would however like the soundtrack, it...

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