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Re: The End

He said he was gonna clean up the code and make it presentable before open-sourcing it. That will probably take a couple of months, especially knowing that Josh is somewhat of a perfectionist. I think it is the radio silence that drives some of us nuts. Even something minimal like "Clean-up at 17%"...

Re: Are you happy with weekly updates with no daily Devlogs?

I'm happy the daily logs have finished. They kept me coming back to the site every day and built up a lot of anticipation for the game. Now, I haven't even thought about LT for weeks and when KS updates drop into my inbox it's a pleasant surprise rather than a drawn out wait.

Re: Contract negotiation

One of the great things about reading the dev diary is watching Josh build a universe from first principles. Today was a great case in point - exclusive and non-exclusive contracts are otherwise known as bilateral and unilateral contracts and there is a heap of legal theory that has been devoted to ...

Re: Week of March 2, 2014 Devlog Discussion - "Macro Scale"

After backing the kickstarter and reading dev logs daily for the past few months, today's entry has got me to register and post on the forum. Love the concept of corporations and shares - IN SPACE! It would be neat if you were rewarded in shares for missions, and successfully completing missions for...

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