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Re: Realistically-Sized Systems and Travel

(sorry this is a bit off-topic) I like the railway gif in the first post. Of course, in space it would also go up and down. But it could also be bumpy and "twisted" (meaning that the ship and player-view sometimes get rotated). I am thinking of audiosurf - kind of a roller coaster experience. Also, ...

holograms of input devices in 'Controls'-menu

I know its probably too much to ask for LT1. But theoretically I imagine something like this in many games in the future :geek:: Main idea The 'controls'-menu could show all available input devices (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick, ...) in the form of holograms (similar to holograms of ships, lik...

Re: Weapons

I looked at the Commonly Proposed Ideas-thread and picked a random (old) weapons-thread to "unload" my small idea. :oops:
And Entitiy followed me, with his complete arsenal of weap0nZ - what have I done? :lol:

Re: Decoy Drones - distraction instead of cloaking

I like the idea of holographic ships and fleets. Maybe a holographic image could also be generated around an existing ship (with or without drones). The ship then appears to be much bigger, and is less likely to get attacked. Or: it looks like an asteroid or part of it (land on asteroid, generate ho...

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