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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Josh.

With the Earth travelling around it's star again, and I'm left feeling a little perplexed about its significance, but none the less I'm pleased to see the opportunities the new year brings.

I wish you every success in 2017.

Re: Research and prototypes

Latest terminology update: as of today I am using "blueprints" for the top-level, and "assembly chip" for the consumable. Thoughts? I wondered if terms from metal working might work well. For example, manufacturing could be done in a forge. A forge c...

Re: Development Update #14: February 2014

This game is just getting better and better. I had to watch the video twice. First on my tablet, then in full HD glory on a big monitor. The new ship and station generation looks fantastic; I can't wait to see how this develops. I like the idea of drones being cheap to make, and firing off a whole b...

Re: Development Update #13: January 2014

Another great update. I like this focus on systems rather than bashing out specific features. I think we've already seen one of the great consequences of this approach with the node based UI, and I'll expect we'll see many more fantastic features. :) Giving the player the ability to customise their ...

Re: Economy and Crafting?

My experience with Eve onlines economy is that it's horrible. Agreed, the different, and disconnected ways the resources are gathered is rubbish in Eve (Moon goo is broken). I was more referring to how at whatever level you gather the resources they are still of value in the game. Unlike some RPGs ...

Re: Economy and Crafting?

My feeling is that a strong, balanced economy greatly adds to the longevity of a game. Eve Online is a good example, since the economy essentially drives the game. Unlike many RPGs Eve Online does a great job of creating diverse ways to gather different resources that appeal to all levels of play. A...

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