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Re: Asteroids As Weapons?

Collision and physics calculations would be to intensive for all those asteroids, I guess. A possibility is that you would need a "strong" force to make an asteroid move. Perhabs it would loose speed over time (by colliding with "invisible" micro debris or whatever). If the player leaves the region,...

Re: August's Dev Video

In my opition it would be interesting to see how the first minutes after creating a new world of LT will be. I think it would provide a lot of opportunity to show gameplay, NPCs, station interaction, contracts, exploration, etc. Also we would get a look at Josh's idea of a starting ship starting res...

Re: First Contact

Who says the player is human ? :P
I wanna be a small blue creature with more than fifty arms from the planet Viltvodle VI which invented the deodorant before the wheel :)

But different "cultures" with different tech and languages would be interesting indeed

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