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Re: Missiles in the games

I enjoy the way EVE handled missiles. they have a blast radius. damage dealt is the fraction of the ship that is inside the blast radius over time (taking into account blast velocity and ship velocity) I don’t like the limited range or the unlimited number of missiles in space at any time. dumb miss...

Re: Missiles in the games

Best missile defence I've seen in a game is the design of Minmatar ships in EVE online. those giant, seemingly superflous fins their ships have would act as a very visible and easily targetable feature for RADAR. If a missile hits one, it does next to no real damage because they're just fins. Heh h...

Re: Missiles in the games

On Tanking Missiles In games: "Shields up!" in real life: Disposable ships. My job is an electronics technician on one such disposable ship. their purpose is to act as a giant signature for missiles to target instead of an aircraft carrier. Our ship is entirely fitted out with deterents and point de...

Re: Eyes are scanners, colour is radiation, pink doesn't ex

In real life it's not so easy to determine what material something is made of based on passive scanning. Active scanning makes it a lot easier. Have a radar send out a high-bandwidth squarewave/sweep chirp. harmonics that are missing in the return corelate to absorbtion bands of radiation in the tar...


Miklos wrote: That being said - you should consider making a slimmed down version of the final LT for Linux that can be distributed freely, could be a 'flagship' Linux game bundled in many distributions :)
LT is already slim at 3MB! How much more slimming down do you want?

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