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Re: The End

Maybe some time after Christmas? I know Josh typically spends the holidays with his family, so I am not expecting much from him until mid January. An early present would be incredible though. Maybe some music :P .

Re: The End

If you would like to check out the old dev logs feel free to check them out in the PDFs linked in my signature. I have everything, excluding this year, in there. It should make it easier to search terms of interest and what Josh did and why he did it.

Re: Delft

We still can, just schedule it a year out, say November 21 as the 7 year anniversary of the Limit Theory Kickstarter video, maybe even make it an annual thing where people talk about the code, and what developments have occurred in the community LT project.

Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

In essence technical feature creep was what killed LT. Modding was not supposed to be in LT, and in the end, this is what I think prevented the game from releasing. I'm not a programmer though so I could be wrong there. I just think that if Josh had worked on getting gameplay worked out, just as he ...

Executive Assault 2

Executive Assault 2 is now on Steam early access and it's set in space! Build infantry, fly ships and expand your custom space station. It's the same mix of FPS/RTS that the previous game had. The graphics look like they've been improved, ship design is pretty neat, and the Steam reviews are Very P...

Re: Space Bourne

If you read the description it's pretty obvious that it's multiplayer. Pardon my stupidity but I just read it and I don't see any reference to it being MP? Also Must be the misleading videos and the whole decorate your room an...

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