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Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

On the off chance someone here has not seen the latest news, On July 26th Josh released the source code of Limit Theory. We have a healthy community of people interested in completing the vision of this game. Come join us over at The Limit Theory Redux discord to follow our progress and join the con...

Re: The End

I will say that Limit Theory is still one of the most beautiful space game concepts I've ever seen on the web. If nothing else, the LT engine was pretty.

I would love to see a project created on it.

Re: The End

Looks like there's no sign of Josh at all, and the community is terrified of the prospect of reaching out to anyone who might know Josh to see if he's still alive. So we wait in silence and in fear.

Re: The End

If he is still working on it, I hope he is not focusing too much time on the graphics, and instead is knocking out gameplay features. The features are the main reason I started following this game. Primarily the trade aspect and fleet aspect. If there was a game that had both of those aspects I'd be...

Re: The End

Still here... time flies. So I know it'd probably be wrong to do so, but has anyone thought about actually tracking down Josh and politely reminding him he was going to release the source code 3 years ago..? Yup, and tell him that there is a discord group wanting to finish the game if he gives them...

Re: The End

Hey folks, I am happy that even though Josh stopped development on LT two years ago, the LT community has remained active on discord, and still checks these forums. Definitely join us on discord!

Re: Starfield

It's about a year till launch so I'm not surprised that they aren't sharing more. If you want hype then head over to Star Citizen. If you want to build your own ship then head over to Starship Evo. But if you want your own space sandbox? Probably the best that is currently out there is Elite Dangero...

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