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Re: Market Bubbles

It would be interesting if Limit Theory could be used to teach students why certain regulations help an economy while others hurt it. Or even just have Limit Theory be the test bed for simulating various forums of government and how long each type lasts before burning out. Then have the ability to a...

Re: Market Bubbles

Are there any games out there where the AI runs the economy? If so how does the AI keep the value of items balanced? I'm not an expert on game economies so this is just my take on the subject. Obviously I would prefer a closed economy to exist within Limit Theory where everything is real; and to a p...

Re: Market Bubbles

Yep, this is one of the reasons why I'm so interested in LT as well. I really want to see how smart the AI is and how it responds to information and market demand. If this stuff isn't implemented I'm sure that at least some of these items will get modded in at some point. Only time will tell.

Re: S46's mega suggestion thread (will edit whenever something new pops up from out of my brain)

Maybe a mega station is formed out of alliances between several factions and when an alliance breaks apart the weaker faction must either flee the station or have its members (those living on the station) absorbed by its rivals.

Re: Faction Shipyards (including your faction)

This one about the currency symbol Every universe has a different currency symbol and name - procedural game, right XD Not necessarily. Though that could easily be one of the things that changes from game to game. Josh can generate any number of logos and icons for various uses within LT. It's more...

Re: Star Citizen

I'm sure your resources will be widely utilized Victor. I do wonder just how law abiding Harmnet will actually be though. Do we have plans to operate within UEE space or will we be the explorers daring enough to expand said boarders.

Re: S46's mega suggestion thread (will edit whenever something new pops up from out of my brain)

Just thought of a colonization ship and put that on the suggestion list. Assuming there will be uninhabited planets in LT, these ships could be specially designed to hold a number of colonists through deep space journeys to seek out habitable yet uncolonized planets... Did you search though the dev...

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