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Re: The End

For one person to attempt this in the timeline promised, it was impossible. It's not a slam against Josh in any way, there was just no way he could have done it, by himself, in that time. I agree, it was a noble attempt though, and I just wish he had a team that supported his dream. Maybe one day, ...

Re: The End

To be fair, what Josh attempted wasn't impossible per say, but as a lone person with such a vision it has to be difficult. But to me, Limit Theory is more than just an unfinished game or a series of beautiful videos, it's the idea that anything anyone puts their mind to is possible. Limit Theory has...

Re: The End

Hey LT fans! Does anyone have a good contact method for Josh? I'm the lead developer at a small, brand new (we're starting this month), financially well-backed indie game studio, Arcane Ermine, and we're looking to get in touch with Josh about hiring him and helping him finish Limit Theory. We beli...

Re: No Man's Sky

A good watch. Reminds me a ton of the Limit Theory drama. Well I guess I've been living under a rock because I didn't know the game had gotten to a point where it was so well received. That's an incredible story and I hope the same becomes true with Limit ...

Re: I Miss Josh

I joined this forum after looking online for a space game with a dynamic economy. None really seemed to exist, so when I heard Josh describe the game on his kickstarter it really excited me. I enjoyed the idea so much that I made a poster and CD case as part of a class project to advertise the game ...

Re: The End

kostuek wrote:
Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:33 am
I feel the urge to go over this list and cancel things out, like 50% of what was planned for 1.0... Guess that's what a "feature creep" looks like.
I wouldn't mind seeing your list of what LT 1.0 should have been. I have my ideas too.

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