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Is that picture of a star going supernova? That explosion is huge! It must be light years across. Here's one of my favorite globular clusters (Lots of stars in one spot) m13 Some people claim that there's no life in the universe besides what's here on ea...

Re: Ship model concepts

Some of my fav art by John Harris I'm not...

Re: Astrox Imperium

It really sounds like a game for modders to explore and have fun with. Having not played the previous browser game I really don't know much about the goals of this game. Is this simply a modders space sandbox without a base game attached?

Re: Stellaris

Hmm, I might want in on this depending on when it will happen. Just consider me a weak ally who will unwillingly hinder progress of whatever faction I join. Gosh, I haven't played in months.

Re: Shallow Space

Maybe the dev could release the existing code to the masses and let them develop something on top of the technology. From what I saw, I would think that several skilled modders or at least programmers could make something cool from it. It's a shame this game has died. I was very very close to buying...

Re: uncontrolled piracy (you should really open these maybe very good questions)

I agree with masseffect7 on this point. A pirate faction can not form into a massive snowball because it would burn up its resources without production facilities and trade of its own. I think the concern about alliances is noteworthy but not realistic. What I mean is that in the real world there ar...

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