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Re: uncontrolled piracy (you should really open these maybe very good questions)

i think, an interesting idea would be to create a corporation, then incorporate a pirate faction into your own company as a "freelance" shell company. that way you can more directly influince their actions, then eventually make them your primary militant fleet? possibly. its a bit complex

Re: LTFC - March 2017 - Bad Luck Edition

-Begin scripture- It was bad luck from the start. He could taste it. ムラマサ It hung in the black, a prop in the play, dangling from puppeteer strings. It's hunger was palpable, hitching his breath as he stared at the behemoth. It spoke. It's words rang out across his hull, up his arm, into his mind, a...

Re: LTFC - February 2017 - Research Edition

Breaking light The steady intervals of flashing red created a trance. It was only a dim awareness in the back of his mind that told him that they were warning lights. but made a melodious rhythm that ticked like a song. The creaking of the outer hull paralleled his physical pain as he felt his ribs ...

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