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Re: Stellaris

I feel like the fortresses still don't work well at defending at least from what I have seen. I still haven't had too much time to play and have only gotten to midgame, but I got to the size before star fortress and had like 6 support platforms around the base with 1 gun upgrade and it still lost to...

Re: Stellaris

So far all the ship packs but the empire and rebels ones (the maker of those decided to make his own type of NSC built into them for some reason), but I haven't gotten far enough in a match to build a titan or superweapon. Mostly cuz a friend and I played to late midgame then a pirate cabal thing sh...

Re: RimWorld

Well, I did make the account on my 14th birthday in 2009, so I've had it a while :)

Also I guarantee I didn't pay the max price it has listed there for everything, I would be nearly broke all the time if I spent that much lol

Re: Endless Space 2

I've had Starpoint for a while now and tried it once, not really my thing. I believe X3:TC is better at what that game tries to do (for what I like doing). Warlords on the other hand is what I wanted in the combat/expansion side of games like that it seems. Wish there was a happy balance of economy ...

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