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Re: LT Livestream

I'm up for a livestream of LT itself. Just like you could follow trains in Transport Tycoon all day long. :mrgreen: Oh god, I loved doing that! Same thing with Roller Coaster Tycoon... Ahhh... Nostalgia. :thumbup: Oh, reminds me to find the disc of roller coaster tycoon 2. Im up for an bit of nosta...

Re: Speculations about Josh disappearance (poll)

............ 3) I set aside over 1000 dollars to build a brand new computer SPECIFICALLY so that I could play LT ............... Hey that atleast is better than me. I spent that much to build a computer to play X Rebirth with... Ya I am dissapoint... I'm with you there ol' buddy. I now have an i7 3...

Re: Speculations about Josh disappearance (poll)

darkhorizon wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Doomknight wrote:Well, I just hope that the next update isn't him saying his HD crashed and lost all his progress on LT. >.>
All 5 or 6 backups at once?
Lets be real he probably has 20+
+ the copy on the usb he wears around his neck, true story.

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