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Re: Thoughts on Our Universe as a Simulation: Observers +

To truly find out the secrets of the universe, we have to push physics to its limits and try to break them. Concepts and realities such as absolute zero/hot, dark matter, anti-matter, singularities, etc...; the things that completely break our current understanding of the gears and cogs that run rea...

Re: Post Your Rig

I have a laptop but I still think it is of worth to put here. CPU - i7-3630QM (quad core 2.4ghz upto 3.4ghz) GPU - GT 750m (soon to be sli because lenovo is boss and I have a ultrabay) os - win 8.1 64bit (not bad when you never have to use metro ui hehe) RAM - 8gb ram ( of what i don't know) Storage...

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