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Re: My Summer Car

Mistycica wrote:I dig Finns in general
Glad to hear it! I come from "first the sauna, then the house" ancestry on my father's side...

I still sauna every day, sometimes twice a day, if I can manage it. Not even exaggerating... I'm somewhat addicted to saunas.

Re: Josh is Kill

People do commit suicide; I've known one or two personally (it's hard to judge a motive, sometimes). It's not something I'd joke about :| Aside from this, what kind of message does it send? That we're past the disappearance enough by this point to be able to make jokes about it. :P In that case, I'...

Re: Josh is Kill

At this point the joke is just beginning to get old, so I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret. It was me. :ghost: Josh approved though. :shifty: (And DWMagus started it. :P *points fingers*) Can't say I see the ...

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