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Re: Art Design Logs

Ah sweet. Thanks a lot Just_Ice_au. Maybe the council of Elders get some more info on the background knowledge of what is making the game. As much as I know that Josh is amazingly good at coding and programming, he can't possibly do it all alone. Andy is probably doing things in the background. I ho...

Art Design Logs

Hey everyone. I just want to ask if there are any art logs by the Art Designer Andy.

I really enjoy reading through the logs of the new things that Josh does with the coding on a daily/monthly basis. Is there a similar log for what Andy does with the models and such? I'd love to read up on those too.

Themes to be used in an expansion to LT after release

Hey guys and gals. I just want to ask. What are the specific themes/ideas to be used in an expansion or LT 2 game?. There are so many ideas on the suggestions page. I for one don't know which would be used in the game definitely and which will not be used in game, but can be added by expansion (or m...

Re: Node Based Interface

That's kind what i thought for the map system he showed with different regions. Each region could have different colours involve to make them unique as well as easy to remember. This same kind of thing can be used for the data editor, to highlight specific parts that you are looking for..or allow th...

Multi-Coloured Node UI

From the video i saw on the update 11 on your channel at YouTube, i saw that the UI uses one colour for all regions and systems. Perhaps making the regions have (a max of 5) different colours to make them unique. This would make the navigation of the UI in terms of the exploration much easier as you...

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