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Re: Dark Souls

I finished Dark Souls, wasn't that hard once you knew how things worked.
I am still in the process of playing Dark Souls II, this time around there's no 'knowing how things work' so I get rocked and can't seem to pass a certain area.
But these games do have my unconditional love.

This Screams LT

So I was just browsing DeviantArt and I came across this and in my eyes it just screams Limit Theory, I just got chills while watching the latest update. It's been said too much, but not enough: Josh, you're a more than awesome guy. Here's the link to what I've been talking about;

Making Demands of the AI

I've been thinking about this one for a while but would it be possible to demand things of the AI by either bribing, threatening or promising them something? To clarify; Let's say that you're a small pirate faction with one star system under control. You're in need of hull plating to complete a new ...

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