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Re: Steam?

Steamworks is primarily used to add an achievement system to a game right? If I do not need / want achievements in my game, then I can do without Steam. Steam is a distribution platform much like the others, but its methods can be a bit draconian.

Re: Maps Later ?

Backers who want physical goods are paying to make them and ship them. A smart developer (and Josh is a genius) will have already got the costs of making and shipping included in the pledge price. I am sure costs is not a that major a issue, unless very few want them then perhaps it will drive costs...

Re: Maps Later ?

Perhaps some of the rewards can be provided as add-ons to pledges. Though I agree with Josh here, we do not want to de-value the rewards. They are incentives, let's ensure they are tempting!

How about a printed manual as an add-on? Not just a pdf download.

Re: Traversing the stars

So far much has been said of piloting your own ship, exploring in your own ship. How about taking a leisure cruise? Just as you are cruising the stars, how about some who are wealthy? How about when you are rich yourself and want to kick back and just go see space safely? hmm not sure ships will nee...

Re: Player-AI Interaction

The aim of the planetary interaction system is to give every planet a unique “personality.” As you come to a deeper understanding of your local region, you will also learn how to best leverage each planet’s assets. I envision planets to be far more than simple pit-stops for players in LT. I’d like ...

Re: Graphics

I am so relieved Josh. One caution I get when I buy games is I read the box, look at the minimum requirements. And I am thinking do I have a bit more than that? What if the developer under-represented the requirements? What if I can load up the game but it lags/skips/pauses so bad I would want to ex...

Re: Graphics

Of course yes. High end graphics can be those HDR/Bloom explosions for example. The same explosion can still look like an explosion with those options switched off. One small concern I guess is yes Josh is using an older machine now. But when he gets the money, he will likely get a more powerful mac...

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