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Re: Monday, April 3, 2017

snip > how hard it's going to be for anyone who's not Josh to use the final scripting language to mod and extend LT. I kind of disagree here that this is a concern at this point. Mainly being, Josh has had so so many challenges getting LT moving and I'd personally prefer him concentrate on getting ...

Re: Sunday, March 26, 2017

Josh, I feel sad (for your struggles) and glad at the same time (for your successes and overall project outlook). I put my son through collage for Computer Science because he loved programming, but by the time he got out, he never wanted to look at code again. The months of struggling to get that fi...

Re: Oxygen Not Included

I'm a moderator over on the Klei forums (under another name), so I have been playing ONI already and it's balls of fun. Still early in Alpha, so there's a lot of balancing yet to do, so all of your attempts at base building and sustainability always end with puke everywhere and everyone dying of oxy...

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

@Rad, it's also concerning that rather than create a game within the limitations of languages currently available, Josh seems to be trying to expand what the languages are capable of to suit his (naive?) ideas of what LT could be. He seems to have been wrestling with this for years now and not reall...

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

Good ideas @MP X10L, but I get the impression that Josh works in a vacuum.

The update was bitter sweet in that we now know what he's been doing for a couple years but also that it hasn't gotten him anywhere. He does seem to be in a bit healthier frame of mind though, so there's that.

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