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Re: CyberPunk 2077

More than half a year afterwards, I only played my first playthrough and haven't picked it up since. I was so hoping this would be my new "Witcher 3" I think I know what you mean. The main game is so tightly constrained that every playthrough feels the same even if you do a lot of things differentl...

Re: I think Josh lied

Part of assuming other people are functional adults is treating them as such by default. This is the opposite of "I assume you are trying to steal my money; prove me wrong!" that's so popular these days. We can all be disappointed and still conclude that Josh did the best he, as a fellow human being...

Re: The End

zircher wrote:
Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:43 am
Another way to look at it is the value that I have gotten out of the community. Sure, the money is gone, but I have reaped benefits in other ways. I consider it worth the shot. [Gets back to learning more about Godot...]

Well said.

Re: I think Josh lied

Salient (although belated) advice from Luke Hodorowicz, the sole developer of Banished , as he works on his next project: I started with a text based behavior tree system, which once I got working looked a lot like a scripting language, so ...

Re: Shadows of Doubt

Every time I've asked a question of the developer, he's been very friendly and helpful. For the most part, I really like where development on this is going. Even when there've been things that don't sound great to me (such as the recent mention of using biological needs like getting food or drink to...

Shadows of Doubt

How have I not already created a topic here for this game yet? There's a new blog post up from the developer of this game... but first, here's the description from the dev himself: Shadows of Doubt is a detective stealth game set in a fully-simulated sci-fi metropolis! There’s been a murder and it’s...

Re: The End

If any parts are to be archived for access later (if possible and acceptable), I'd hope at a minimum they include the REKT, Dev Logs, and Suggestions forums/sub-forums.

SO MUCH good stuff there over the years.

Re: Starfield

I *REALLY* hope they get in the proper AI system they pronounced for Oblivion. Where each AI has tasks and goals that they try to achieve, where the AI has to eat, and so does their job and trades for food to be able to eat. With modern hardware and the next gen consoles being so much better than t...

Re: Starfield

Todd Howard has finally dropped some info about Starfield: One thing that surprises me a bit is that it may be planet-based, rather than space-oriented -- but it's hard to figure that out from the brief comm...

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