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Re: Drifter

Necro posting because of a recent backer only post from Drifter: A Space Trading Game. What the developer is suffering is similar to Josh's journey and just a little creepy in the parallels. I'll call it a cautionary tale of underestimating human fragility and too much ambition. I'll take that as a...

Fred Gambino Art

This gentleman just posted a link to his portfolio, which was then retweeted. Holy heck. It's full of stars, and characters. https://cd...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Thanks, Damocles -- that's a nice summary. I'd like to see someone really put in the effort to offer the kind of deeper characterizations (which still aren't highly individualized, but it's a starting point) we're talking about here. In the meantime, I can see how a simpler system is probably better...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

I still haven't tried Andromeda, but: (the renegade + paragon system was certainly more entertaining than this confused design with 4 "approaches" that did not mean anything in the end) This is actually the one thing that would make me want to risk wading through Manveer Hier's personal problems! I ...

Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

zircher wrote:
Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:40 am
"I'd rather take it to PM just so we don't clutter this thread up any more, fair?"
I'm all for that and wished it would have happened sooner. :-D

Sometimes you're already done before you know it.

Re: The End

I'd guess that either the soundtrack was a work for hire and Josh now owns it, or Francois still owns it and licensed it to Josh. In either case, there could be some reasonable legal explanation for why Josh wouldn't feel that releasing the soundtrack would be appropriate. It wouldn't qualify as a ...

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