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Re: Ten Years

Yikes -- can't believe I missed this post. Sorry for the delay, Poet! Yes, we've got a Discord server where we're actively working on turning Josh's code into a playable game. I can send you a link, but that'll expire in 7 days, or you can search Discord (on its Web version; this isn't available in ...

Re: Ten Years

Sorry for the delay!

Yes, the Limit Theory Redux server on Discord is distinct from DWMagus' server. LTR on Discord focuses on conversations about trying to build a working game from Josh's most recent code.

Ten Years

Hard as it may be to believe, it's now been ten years since Josh announced his Kickstarter project for Limit Theory in November of 2012. While the project didn't turn out like any of us hoped it would, it's been enormous fun talking with Josh and many of you -- frequently in eye-glazing detail :D --...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

More than half a year afterwards, I only played my first playthrough and haven't picked it up since. I was so hoping this would be my new "Witcher 3" I think I know what you mean. The main game is so tightly constrained that every playthrough feels the same even if you do a lot of things differentl...

Re: I think Josh lied

Part of assuming other people are functional adults is treating them as such by default. This is the opposite of "I assume you are trying to steal my money; prove me wrong!" that's so popular these days. We can all be disappointed and still conclude that Josh did the best he, as a fellow human being...

Re: The End

zircher wrote:
Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:43 am
Another way to look at it is the value that I have gotten out of the community. Sure, the money is gone, but I have reaped benefits in other ways. I consider it worth the shot. [Gets back to learning more about Godot...]

Well said.

Re: I think Josh lied

Salient (although belated) advice from Luke Hodorowicz, the sole developer of Banished , as he works on his next project: I started with a text based behavior tree system, which once I got working looked a lot like a scripting language, so ...

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