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Re: Net Neutrality

An "I'm going to try to pick apart all of the reasons you offered supporting your belief, but I'm not going to give you the same courtesy of explaining my own reasons" response is just arguing. There's no point in responding if it's just going to elicit more arguing. "You've explained the specific r...

Re: Net Neutrality

Assuming we're all adults here who can disagree without being rude, I'd like to provide something like another perspective for comparison. I think there is a reasonable argument to be made in favor of choosing not to impose yet more top-down, central-planner control of yet another part of the commer...

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

I am So Ready to be talking actual AI gameplay development in Limit Theory. :D For now, I really enjoyed your summary, Damocles -- that is some good stuff. I'm not an AI pro or expert, but let me offer a couple of additional thoughts. 1. It seems to me that the optimal point in unit AI is somewhere ...

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

One of the several interesting observations in that interview is that, if you can blow it up in mere seconds, its AI is irrelevant. Systemic behavior is only visible/interesting if it can last long enough to be perceived by the human player.

I think there's a lesson in practical game design there....

Re: Myers-Briggs Personality Type Survey II

DigitalDuck wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:15 pm
I'm The Ugly One.


Seems unlikely.

INTJ, maybe....

(Also, that graphic -- which has been making the rounds for a while now -- is the visual version of "I hate everything and everyone and now I'm going to apply that to this Myers-Briggs thing I've heard about." Bah. :lol: )

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