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Re: Skyrim

I come to check in now and then, once a week or so, I believe. I post nothing at all, so lurker mode ;)

I thank you for your interest in my well being (which I am) und I hope that you are well too :D

Re: Books!

I devoured Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy and enjoyed it all the way, but man, the Wax and Wayne series are a blast o_O Wayne is the most impossible of characters, but he's so well written!! And it's not that all the others are bland, they're also great! Awesome stuff. The Bands of Mourning is getting...

Re: Nier Automata

So, I finished the game. The way I've explained it to a number of people is that it's like a street performer. A street performer has to capture his audience quickly, and keep them hooked. To do so, they start with a cool stunt, then build slowly for a short time on the expectation of another cool ...

Re: No Man's Sky

I just started fooling around with exocraft yesterday. Overall I'm really impressed with this less new addition to the game, and it serves for me as a welcome release from the bonds of first-person perspective. The handling, animation & effects, and vehicle physics felt surprisingly excellent to me...

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