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I haven't been active on the forums, not even lurking. I just got the monthly update video and all I have to say is that I would kill to have Josh's knowledge of graphics/shader programming. Everything looks absolutly stunning!

Re: The X Series

I love empire building. Love it. Despite X3's issues it is my favorite part of the game. The issue is that X3/LT should be just as enjoyable as a single fighter, a man with a small fleet, to a mini nation. That will be a hard balance to fight.

Re: Time acceleration vs. super cruise / in-system jumps

I know that. However there is a difference between an engine rewrite and game mechanics. X3 can be rewritten to be multiplayer, however Egosoft chose not to do so because the gameplay mechanics are balanced on time acceleration, not super cruise. It would be double the effort. Had the X series been ...

Re: Varied Ship Materials for Different Races

Sounds like my "procedural periodic table" idea. The short version is that various elements have different, known stats (strength, heat capacity, electrical conductivity, for example). These stats can even vary a bit between seeds. Raw materials can be combined in different ratios to form alloys tha...

Re: Procedurally generated building materials

I used the phrase Periodic Table as a colloquialism more than anything else. Full on material science simulation does not have a place in these kind of games, nor a random creation of 100ish elements. I do, however, think an abstraction can be fun for the more industrial type of player, especially m...

Re: Super Weapons?

If you want more fun you will want antimatter warheads. One gram of antimatter and one gram of matter is about 180 terajoules, which is about 3 times the power of the hiroshima bomb. To get tsar level you just need 1 kg of antimatter. One way to balance the use of super weapons is to have it be "ill...

Re: Procedurally generated building materials

I like this idea. So, in short, a procedural "periodic table of elements" which compose the raw materials in this game. These raw materials can be combined to form alloys, which is also procedurally generated. Raw materials and/or alloys can then be combined using blueprints to make things. This cou...

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