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Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

Thank you josh! if start citizen is in development for 3 years and by the looks of it it has another 3-4 years , with 350 ppl working on it daily , I cant see a reason for LT to be complete in less then that , especially with just one guy! still gonna pre-order it the millisecond it reaches steam :D...

Re: Planetary Annihilation

by far the worst game i have ever supported on kickstarter or whatever the platform they had back in the day. At least they certainly had some innovation in the starving RTS genre with those spherical maps and therefore was from my perspective worth it. They just went bit to far with multiple plane...

Re: Astroneer

MP doesnt really work..
but with a full time job and a kid , still managed to put 9 hours into the game.. so ya.. astroneer is awesome!!!
really love the game.. it has a long way to go , but even in its early state i find myself losing hours and not noticing the time fly by.
totally worth 20$.

Re: Star Citizen

its a 1:9 ratio for the AI , lets say we have a million players.. that's 9 million AI , each with complete memory and intricate behaviors full day/night cycle and the list goes on.(maybe that wont be an issue cause currently u cant have more than 24 players in an instance :twisted: ) they keep sayin...

Re: Star Citizen

u guys saw the last town hall? i almost puked on the screen :evil:
this is exactly the kind of insane hype building that no man sky had.
the guy who is talking about the AI is day dreaming. no way they can pull off all his insane rants about the AI.
it was shocking to see .

Re: Star Citizen

Also, can you buy the same things in-game without using real money? (I imagine that some grinding is to be endured) You can buy those same things in-game without using real money, fox. No one outside of CIG knows what amount of grinding will be required to earn the credits required. :angel: just sa...

Re: Star Citizen

ofc I did!! it was the first thing I did after I woke up..after that I went to work lol.. so now i have : Trading : freelancer,Hull-b Mining : prospector combat : hornet , buccaneer exploration : connie Andromeda (p-52 included) starter ship : Aurora LN , 300i on ground ops : dragonfly and that is ...

Re: Star Citizen

tomorrow when MISC will have its sale day gonna buy a HULL-B and use the LTI token on it. have anoter LTI argo cargo to replace with a prospector and i have LTI on mining and trading..and my fleet will be complete. I hope you managed to complete your mining and trading fleet, positron. :thumbup: :)...

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