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Re: Customizing the game

And in that I agree with you, in no way am I granting any developer license to half-ass their game so long as they allow for plentiful modding. Moreover, I do think that a game will only get modded to a substantial extent if there is passion among its player base. Now, sometimes that passion is a le...

Re: Customizing the game

I think this should be the universal metric for games. I always got irritated by Egosoft games (even pre-Rebirth) being defended because they could be modded from non-awesome to awesome - shouldn't the base game be awesome already? I like those games, but this... ...this will be better. edit: and f...

Value of information

The dev logs of May 14 and 15 had me thinking about the value of information as dictated by how well known that data is. Mostly it seems sensible, but it's potentially a little quirky too. Let's take Josh's unknown wormhole. Say the player is the first one to discover it and will want to sell this i...

Let's go for 2^5

Josh opened update #16 by saying it's the last perfect power of two. That was of course a way of saying the game is getting closer to completion. But is it? We all know that maxim of software engineering: "the first 90% of development takes 90% of the time and 90% of the budget. The remaining 10% ta...

Re: Death in LT

Well, you could limit saving to certain situations, such as when near a station or when passing through a jump hole. You'd need some sort of guarantee that not too much time passes between saves, though.

Re: Death in LT

I'd be fine with save/load or respawn for normal play, just so long as I'm not forced to start all over again because something killed me. Games that do that are frustrating, not fun (in my opinion at least). I'd hate for LT to go down that route.

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