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Re: For those that want to learn programming

I learnt how to program with the head first java book about 10 years ago. It was an excellent start, and I would recommend that particular book to anyone wanting to learn java for the first time. I can't say much about the rest of the series, but I have read a couple of others and they are all very ...

Re: Buy real European documents, Buy original US passport, Buy registered IELTS certificate

I'm rather amused by the fact that you can buy a "baptism certificate". It's like the ultimate fake. I swear I was baptised see, here's the certificate! I must ask what situation someone would ask for your baptism certificate?

Re: Nervous

I think I'll jump on the bus with these puns (Unfortunately I'm just blowing steam waiting for the real pun)

Rereading this and realizing how cringe worthy this is on so many levels.

Re: Josh's Next Project

I think Josh should work with a company developing cutting edge tools for improving the user experience on the PC. From overhauling Windows 10 GUI to making notepad look like a 2400 era command interface. Let flow the nodal interface as you browse your computer for items of particular file names. E...

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