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Re: Balance. Do we care about it? Does it really matter in L

I never really liked the term balance when it comes to a sandbox style game. I feel there should be things that the player would be crazy to attempt but has a feasible means of avoiding. If you are forced to go against an enemy that you have no hope of defeating, you could call this unbalanced. If ...

Re: Anti-science. Exactly like it sounds.

I'm the guy who you call when your inverter* starts acting up**. Seriously, though, I'm nowhere near the position to actually own a PV plant (I own a flat, but not the building it's in, and particularly not the roof), not to mention that I lack the capital required for one. *= Expensive magic box t...

Re: X Rebirth envy

Josh doesn't have his work cut out for him to top this. I was sooo close to filling my cart, then said wait, remember Rome 2... I'm glad I did.

I feel far more comfortable with what Josh has come up with rather than a game that quite simply was released before completion.

Re: Real World Robots, Tech Progress and Such

Skynet! This wasn't your first tip-off? ;) Cyborgs are different than robots. I think it's funny how there's a company the sells household robots to people and decided to ...

It's here...

Saw X Rebirth was out today.

My recommendations to Josh: see it, learn from it, understand it and conquer it.

Still it looks like a good game too.

From the sounds of it its incomplete though. Lots of bugs and everything, I think Josh would have to try and do worse to miss LT this bad.

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