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Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

Im just gonna post here because I am lazy like that. Hi everyone :D I still live. I've been away :crazy: Note: Tal: Basically every place you were at when you were in Ohio, I have been to. Especially Hershberger farm and the McKinley Monument(I could walk there from my like 2-3 miles but ...

Re: Underworld Ascendant

JanB1 wrote:
Detritus wrote:
JanB1 wrote:

And you know we LOVE to debate! :twisted:
No, we don't. Not all of us. ;)
I didn0t mean YOU. I meant Duke and me. Pffshh. You're not always the person I'm referring to. :roll:
He's like a happy puppy following people around always seeking attention ;) :ghost:

Re: Underworld Ascendant

I bet you would be great to interview. "So Flatfingers, tell us about the game" "Well, it has much wowness, a sprig of awesomesauce, and an ehh of creativity. Also a sporkful of flexibility with the fleshing out of the sporadim." "Wowness indeed! We will be right back after a message from our sponso...

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