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Re: The End

Thanks for everything Josh, this was quite a fun ride. And thanks for all the monkeys :monkey: Ghosts :ghost: and trains :train: But most of all, thanks for the :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: Yea I don't actual...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Just placed my order for the Rift bundle. :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: Now just need to wait the 3 weeks it will take to arrive :cry: Oh, and got a rando...

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