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Re: Books!

ThymineC wrote:
ACH0225 wrote:You should ACTUALLY read the Narnia series(you know you didn't)
I did, I just forgot like 99% of it. I vaguely recall the end being a bit trippy.
It was really trippy.
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They become immortal because Narnia is heaven or something


Anyone on here play the fantastic ultra-realistic RTS Wargame: Airland Battles or Wargame: European Escalation, or the soon to be released and really good looking Wargame: Red Dragon?

Re: Books!

Because books-

Lost Years of Merlin-T.A Baron
Anything else by T.A Baron
You should ACTUALLY read the Narnia series(you know you didn't)

Sci-fi/post apocalyptic stuff
Earth Abides
Canticle for Leibowitz
The Long Earth
Forever War

Re: Banished

Got this game on Friday. Built a town, has lasted 8 years. Plenty of food, wood, ect. Then I got a trading post and realized... I need all the plant species. I NEED THEM! I sold all my iron and tools and coats and most of my firewood for chestnuts. Now at least we can have roast chestnuts in the win...

Re: Weapons

I don't think it needs a separate page....

Weapon name- Missile pod
Type of wpn- Missile carrier
Wpn stats- Unknown, no stats to use
Description- A container of quick launch missiles. Carries 30 low power missiles with limited guidance. Cannot be refilled, only replaced.

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