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Re: Welp

Don't really know what REKT is but f*ck shutting the forums down, it is genuinely a nice place to come an shoot the breeze with some very nice people.

Re: The End

Having suffered from mental issues in the past it's a horrible thing, genuinely wouldn't wish it on anyone. I think it's a real shame LT hasn't been completed, it was in it's soul a beautiful thing. But you know something the most important thing here is Josh's health and wellbeing. I'm not saying t...

Re: The End

So I have been thinking, dangerous I know...There was a demo not so long ago for a gameshow was there not? How about releasing that to backers? Might not be as easy as I'm thinking but it would be a little something.

Re: Nervous

My nerves have long since left the station (keeping up the train talk, see what I did there?). It will be finished when it's finished and I'm sure it will be flipping lovely as well.

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