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Re: Nervous

My nerves have long since left the station (keeping up the train talk, see what I did there?). It will be finished when it's finished and I'm sure it will be flipping lovely as well.

Re: Elite Dangerous

Isinona is so damn cool. I'm aiming to get to Elite this year (triple Elite that is) and then I'm thinking about re-setting my save and flying FA off only on my next time around. I love that the videos have a story, it's all role played so beautifully. One of the best content makers out there for ED...

Re: How Should Non-Combat Features Be Promoted?

The interesting(ish) thing is I never backed LT for the combat side of things. It's probably the bit that interested me least if I'm honest. The procedural generation is what sucked me in followed by the way the galaxy would live and breath. But maybe that's just me, maybe a lot of people are here f...

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