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Game engine from scratch

Hi guys! I saw a game development topic and thought I'd share my Javascript game engine with you! I say engine because I don't really have a working game yet. Though development is chugging along nicely. I want to build a space game from scratch that is similar to Captian Forever and SPAZ but has mo...

Re: Ship count

My target has always been ~100 ships in combat for a "large" battle. obviously you did not read closely. the limitation is only intended for battles, not for the whole universe Yes, but what about the people in the system during the time of the battle? Aren't they going to take up space? My guess i...

Re: Government Taking away US Internet Freedom

Just_Ice_au just hit the nail on the head and drove it through the wooden board into the center of the earth. All I can say, is that we will be seeing the end of the internet really soon if thing don't change. 90' Here we come!

Edit: Also say good bye to people who make a living on the internet.

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