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Re: Terraforming Mars

I've played a good bit of the board game. It's a well crafted game, with victory conditions that follow logically from the fiction. Each player represents a corporation or governmental faction with a vested interest in being most responsible for terraforming mars, and reaping the benefits from being...

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Longtime lurker. I'm starting to wonder if Josh is actually some kind of social scientist, and this forum is an experiment to see how long a group of people can be lead along with minimal information. Hahaha. I do look forward to the game, if ever released. I've got a routine of checking the forum e...

Re: Fuel?

I like fuel as a replenish-able "jump drive". If you want to fast travel, you need jump juice (tm). All flight, boosts, and cruise drives I'd prefer to be as Freelancer.

Re: Ship Graveyards

So, Josh has some whole sectors which are ice themed, or green rocky dust themed, or brown super dusty themed with tiny little asteroids. I have no problem envisioning a sector which is space wreck themed. All the asteroids in the sector are ship chunks and such. Oh and here's a totally valid, scien...

Re: The Docking Process

The question of ship size & docking will be address in time. Docking bays will have size restrictions, and TBH I haven't decided what happens yet if you won't fit. In time :) When you say docking bays have size restrictions, do you also refer to a limit on the number of ships a station can host? On...

Re: Abandoned ships

I would suggest the following: A ship once destroyed has a chance leave a wreck (either randomly or determined by which subsystems are still intact). This may then be salvaged to obtain the still functioning subsystems or their blue-prints/techs/basic components. Right. A destroyed ship does not ne...

Re: Space Engineers

Grumblesaur wrote:
And then if developers are being assholes, then having their game boycotted as a result will teach them to not be assholes, which is not only good for gamers and the gaming industry, but also good for general human dignity everywhere.
I cannot like your comment hard enough.

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