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Re: No Man's Sky

But barring that aside, NMS is amazing, Fully destructable planets because of the deformable voxel system, a whole Science fictional periodic table of elements that allows us to craft molecules.

This game will be an amazing single player experience, pretty much what spore should have been.

Re: No Man's Sky

So who still believes this game is multiplayer? Because I don't, It's more like spore where players just upload the places to a central database for other players to come across, Each player is just in the same seeded galaxy as everyone else but no one really can see each other. The developers would...

Re: No Man's Sky

The Developers say they came from a console background, this not necessarily means they WILL only develop for Consoles, Because they are independent, their biggest market is the PC Industry; they would be foolish not to publish their game there first. And Reading the rock paper shotgun mega article ...

Re: Incoming newbie!

Thanks Victor . It's good to be here! Shores of hazeron martok guy? Sorry, I'm afraid not. While I do mostly inhabit forums discussing strategy games, SoH isn't one of them (I'm not much of an MMO guy). haha NP it's just sometimes a small world being a part of the space sim fan base.. OT: that name...

Returning back to places in the infinite universe?

Okay so let me just place this here for some clarification.. When we initially spawn In game at any given location I previously read that the connections we make with NPC's, the possible factions and the wars and status quo of certain Areas in the game universe will run parallel from the players per...

Re: X Rebirth

Steam only? I dont think so.

They would be out of their minds to not have a boxed edition.

No hate on steam though.

Plus i find it a bit of a unfriendly move to wait for it once its 75% off.
I mean c'mon! They've been working on the dam game since 2008!

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