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I'm not sure about the "All DLC is free" bit.

I already have the base game and none of the DLC, and it appears that the DLC is non-purchasable. Rather, it's simply the the overall bundle is highly discounted and that's all you can buy.

That said, thanks for the head up, might have to grab this.

Re: No Man's Sky

*Shrug* I'm willing to give them a chance to fix the game. Somehow I've got 68 hours out of it, so it's not done too badly. And the new update sounds spiffy, only about 200 years until it finishes downloading... :squirrel: All the new stuff is cool, but still does little to address the underlying p...

Re: HTTPS access

Well, would you consider me paranoid for not showing off my credit card pin code when I pay at the store as well? What's the point with pin codes and passwords if we not at least try to keep them secret? No matter what my password is, the default should be that it doesn't travel unencrypted over th...

Re: HTTPS access

Even worse, our passwords are sent in the clear as well. No good when checking the forums on the airport or from random Internet cafés :ghost: Not really sure that's worse. Anyone this paranoid presumably has the sense to not reuse a password that matters on random gaming forums, so there's nothing...

Re: Planetary Annihilation

one of the worst for me ,doesnt mean anything to anyone else i guess..which is fine :D I played alot of TA and supreme commander.. and after shelling 90$ on its kickstarer phase I think I never played more then a few hours. ohh well.. it is on sale for 5 bucks for a reason. :twisted: To be fair, pl...

Re: Planetary Annihilation

by far the worst game i have ever supported on kickstarter or whatever the platform they had back in the day. You must not have supported many games. I don't play it much any more, but this game had a lot of cool stuff going for it. Certainly had it's share of performance issues early on, mainly th...

Re: Movies!

Victor Tombs wrote:I've just found out that Kate is back as Selene in Underworld: Blood Wars. :D :D

:shifty: Okay I admit I was a bit slow in noticing but I've been distracted lately. Love the Underworld franchise. :angel:
Sadly it's a pretty shit movie, but at least she still looks great.

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