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Re: Star Citizen

Is it just me or is the star citizen shop very user unfriendly. I find it amazing how someone think its smart to put items into a store and then let the user figure out that he can't buy them. I'm speaking about the ships. There are so many and the store doesn't allow you to buy them, but it need a ...

Re: Movies!

Not a movie but I was wondering if anyone else has been watching Cloak and Dagger. I've watched the eight episodes of season one that are available on Amazon Prime and for the life of me, I can't form an opinion as to whether I like it or not. Felt the same by watching just the trailer...why do the...

Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

CSE wrote:
Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:25 am
I do worry if the silence could be a new dark time... i sure hope he is doing well.
The lights went out, the music stopped to play. New dark time ahead oh my godness :ghost:

Seriously, how much darker can it become lol

Re: The End

Would be interesting to have list of elements that work, that work for the most part, that where unfinished, and wich had no implementation yet. It has been always a bit vague of what state the game (or the engine at least) is in. This so much this I was missing this from the logs. Just a glimpse w...

Re: X4: Foundations - Continuation of the X Universe

X-Game alway felt to me like I wanted to play them but in the past after I bought them, installed them, clicked through a couple of menues I always was glad that Steam had made it easy to get a refund. Always too complicated. But this one makes me feel again like i want to play...maybe this time it ...

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