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Why are you people not furious that a random-ass person from RPS can email Josh and get a response overnight , when the people supporting--and in many cases paying for--the game can't even get aknowlegement of whether Josh is alive for months ? The worship you've formed around this man is so tight t...

Re: Steam Key Scammers

How about starting a thread about wich media personalities are relevant and trustworthy, when the time is right? Josh won't have to wade through hectotons of junk mail and those tho could spred the word but hadn't heard of the game yet will get easier access. Sure. This system sucks. But maybe a li...

Re: LTS Editor

axefrog wrote:I'm really guessing you didn't write a full syntax-highlighted vim-like code editor from scratch just for your game? Nobody can code that fast. Nobody!
Maybe, but somebody could certainly plug in an open source one that already exists for exactly that purpose. Not that he did.

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